The kidney, one of our five internal organs is in line with the Black, one of the five color diet, Black' foods are good for our blood, nourishes the kidney, providing Yin' effects and etc; they are highly beneficial to our health, especially for the elderly as they are not only anti-aging, but also strengthen our body immune system. Young girls should consume more Black' food because it contains low calories and regular consumption can keep one's figure slim, and have great skincare effects. o Nourish the kidney o Sore and weakness in the waist and knee o Hypertension o Diabetes o Nourishes the face o Anti-aging o White hair and hair loss o Cold limbs o Lower cholesterol Black food contains high amounts of protein, fat, amino acids, vitamins and calcium, iron, zinc, selenium and other minerals that our body needs. Anti-aging Harmful compounds are produced during the oxidation reaction in the body which is also called free radicals. They contain strong oxidizing properties, which can lead to lipid peroxidation and cause damage to human health, and also accelerate the aging body. Melanin, anthocyanins and other substances in black food can capture free radicals and reduce superoxide production, and can a

Oh Green - Black Cereal 500g

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