Our Farmers

Our Farmers

To stay true to our vision and to carry out our mission, we made it our duty to work with local farmers, to connect with them as family and to help take some of the weight off their shoulders. The love that we share with our farmer families is the love they put into their land and their crops. That’s how love grows and this is how we bring quality local products to you.

Uncle Majid is one of our certified organic farmers (New Fasham in Keremeos). His vision is “Pure Planet People” and his slogan is “Respect the land where you stand”. Please check out his website to find out more.

Ting Wu is another one of our certified organic farmer families, from Formosa Nursery in Pitt Meadows, who grows organic fruits and vegetables to supply to local markets.

Other Farmers

We don’t stop here with our mission to connect with the farmers. We aim to look for and connect with more natural and holistic farmers to support, encourage, and assist in becoming certified organic growers.


As the number of healthy eaters is rising, the production of local organic food must do the same. It is merely simple economics of “supply & demand”.

This is what we would like to leave for the coming generations.

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